UFO Sightings and Alien Incidents

People have been reporting seeing UFOs throughout most of human history. There are some that believe Alexander the Great reported seeing them and that the Bible mentions them in Ezekiel. Even if you don't believe those were reports of UFOs, there have been many other well documented reports of UFOs since then. Here are some of the more famous UFO sightings and encounters with aliens:

Each year there are over a thousand reports of people seeing UFOs. The vast majority of these reports can be accounted for with logical explanations. Some of them are just people trying to get attention. A select few fall into the category of truly unexplainable incidents that could be alien spacecraft.

With modern technology there has been a drastic improvement in the amount and the quality of video that is captured for these sightings. For example, the Phoenix Lights incident has incredible video on YouTube that anyone can view to make their own conclusions. This is the case with many other modern day UFO sightings as well.