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Edwin Aldrin first enters the Earth

Best known by affectionate nickname "Buzz," this first UFO witness born January 20, 1930, was given a legal name of Edwin Eugene Aldrin, Jr. Odds are that Mom and Dad would have fainted on the spot if they'd known their newborn bundle of joy would someday become only the second human being who set foot on Planet Earth's moon.

Newborn Edwin now a NASA astronaut

Nearly four decades that monumental feat was accomplished when both feet hit lunar soil at 03:15:16 on July 21, 1969, Buzz told a long held secret groundbreaking second discovery. Buzz related he'd seen a UFO while aboard Apollo 51 while interviewing with a writer who was preparing a documentary about his moon landing. That shocking disclosure was later published in the documentary titled, "First on the Moon: The Untold Story."

During a later interview by NASA Senior Scientist David Morrison, Buzz harshly censured the documentary. His biggest beef was unauthorized censor of his verbal report about the UFO sighting that he said was related in detail during his prepublication interview. Specifically, Buzz said he told the writer that Apollo 15 crewmembers concluded that they saw a detached adapter panel - not alien UFO.

NASA's reply sparked naysayers' conspiracy theories

Per official NASA records, the S-IVB engine upper state was 6,000 feet away, after all four adapter panels had ben jettisoned just before the S-IVB separated from the shuttle. Those maneuvers were purportedly done to ensure that detached parts traveled close enough behind Apollo 11's main fuselage until entire craft made an initial midcourse adjustment.

However, long after the alleged facts, credible reports surfaced with claims that NASA fabricated the auto-maneuvering sequence report that was just one "small" cog in an elaborate cover-up scheme that even went so low to threaten Apollo 11 crew members to keep quiet about UFO sightings or else. The same unnamed reliable sources said the main driving motivation behind NASA'S an intense suppression campaign was fear of becoming a worldwide laughingstock by its own worldwide beloved astronauts saying they saw a UFO while making world history.

News media knew no bounds

That neatly fitted conspiracy theory was blasted away in 2007, when Buzz stated exactly opposite facts on "The Howard Stern Show." During that broadcast, Stern asked Buzz about the UFO sighting, and Buzz said nothing was seen during Apollo 11 voyage that could be deemed beyond a reasonable doubt as extraterrestrial beings or spaceships. Buzz also reiterated that all crewmembers were "99.9 percent" sure that they saw a detached adapter panel - not a UFO.

Next, the "Science Chanel misquoted Buzz as saying that he saw unidentified objects. When Buzz later denied such statements and requested prompt retraction, "Science Channel" producers flatly refused.

How Buzz's hotel brawl in Beverly Hills began

As though above described misery wasn't more than sufficient to satisfy tormentors, Buzz was invited to a Beverly Hills hotel under guise of being interviewed by a visiting children's TV show from Japan. Upon arrival, however, he was met by Apollo 11 conspiracy theorist Bart Sibrel, who backed him into a corner while Sibrel shouted repeated demands for Buzz to swear on a Bible that the 1969 moon visit was not a hoax. Sibrel kept shouting ever-louder accusations against Buzz and other parties involved in Apollo 11, by calling them a bunch of "liars" and "fakers."

At one point, Buzz and Sibrel made brief physically aggressive contact. Buzz lost his cool and sucker punched Sibrel straight in the jaw, all of which nearby camera crewmembers captured on film. However, Buzz did have seemed to have Someone watching his back, after all. After viewing the entire incident on video, local police decided not to file charges, as Buzz was clearly the victim of extreme provocation who gave the true perp exactly what he deserved.