World Mysteries and Ghosts

There are many mysteries and supernatural forces around the world that seem to have no logical explanation. Many people have encountered these mysteries and paranormal events and have wondered if aliens or ghosts might be involved. Here are some of the more well known hauntings and mysteries of the world:

So the question is do ghosts exists? So many people have reported encountering them, especially in places where lots of people have died or where someone has died in a truly shocking way. Is there a bridge to the a spiritual world or is it just imagination running wild?

And what about the world mysteries? Crop circles have been explained away by people that know how to make them and have made them in the past, but are they just mimicking ones that were actually made by aliens? And what about the great pyramid? It would be difficult if not impossible to build it with modern day engineering and technology. How could the egyptians have built it with their primative technology and equipment?