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Unidentified Flying Objects - World Government UFO Sighting Records Released

  • Brazil

    Friday, May 20, was an historic day for Ufology in Brazil, and around the world, as the Brazilian Air Force (FAB), for the very first time in its history, officially received a committee of top UFO researchers to openly discuss UFO sightings in Brazil and fully examine classified government UFO documents in several military facilities in Brasilia, the Federal Capital.

    By taking this very important step, the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) has placed Brazil on a very short list of countries whose militaries acknowledge that Ufology is a serious activity and a significant effort to fully understand the nature and origin of UFOs. "We want to have all info on the subject, that is withheld by us for some decades, fully released to public, through the UFO community", declared Brigadier Telles Ribeiro, chief of Brazilian Air Force Communication Center.

    The Brazilian Government, through the Brazilian Air Force, finally decided to come forward and recognize UFO research as a genuine activity as a direct result of intense pressure by the campaign, UFOs: Freedom of Information Now, a movement started by the Brazilian UFO Magazine in April 2004.

    Updated 06/05/2009

    As of May 04th, Brazilian Government has disclosed over 600 new pages of previously classified documents, covering UFO reports and military investigations from 1970 to 1979, including photos and films, for the first time.

    The content of this material has now been examined and proved to be very interesting and revelatory of Brazilian official strategy to cover UFO cases, often openly regarded as "from external sources" in these new documents, meaning from outside Earth. The cases covered and the methods used to investigate them by the military are also very significant.

    Probably the most important material contained in this new declassification are 195 new pages of documents resulted from the Operation Saucer, conducted in the Amazon by the Brazilian Air Force from September to December 1977, that is certainly the biggest *known* official initiative to military investigate UFOs in the world.

    So far, over 1,400 pages of Brazilian previously classified UFO documents have been released thanks to the efforts of the Brazilian UFO Researchers Committee (CBU), through the campaign UFOs: Freedom of Information Now, started in 2004 and articulated by the Brazilian UFO Magazine. This last one has been the biggest disclosure ever in Brazil.


  • Britain

    More than a thousand pages of documentation, covering UFO sightings between 1987 and 1993, were made public for the first time on Saturday, revealing information that can only be considered as stunning.

    Whilst the documents do not provide absolute proof of the existence of aliens, at least one of the reports offers sufficient mystery to suggest that we are not alone.

    The files contain a wide range of UFO-related documents covering the years 1987?1993. If you want to find out more about close encounters over Heathrow Airport, alien abductions, stray satellites - and what the UK Government thought of it all - then this is the place to be. The files are in PDF format.

  • Canada

    The Library and Archives Canada collection of government records on UFOs was acquired from the following four federal departments and agencies:

    Department of National Defence
    Department of Transport
    National Research Council
    Royal Canadian Mounted Police

    These documents were accumulated between 1947 and the early 1980s and represent all records filed with the federal government on UFOs. There are approximately 9,500 digitized documents in a variety of formats, including correspondence, reports, memos and procedures. Some are specifically concerned with particular UFO sightings, while others are more generic in nature; these may consist of reporting forms and procedures for recording events.

    Although most documents contain a date (pertaining either to a sighting date or the date the document was actually created), some are undated. Similarly, approximately half of the documents refer to a specific UFO sighting location, while the others fail to mention a particular location.

  • Denmark

    The Danish Air Force has released 329 pages of previously classified archives on UFO sightings, including details on more than 200 unsolved cases.

    Capt. Thomas Pedersen said the military released the documents after growing weary of journalists asking questions about them, the Copenhagen Post reported Friday.

    "We decided to publish the archives because frankly there is nothing really secret in them," Pedersen said. "The Air Force has no interest in keeping unusual sightings a secret. Our job is to maintain national security, not investigate UFOs."

    The Air Force said the archives contain details of unexplained events occurring between 1978 and 2002, before the job of chronicling UFO sightings went to a group called Scandinavian UFO Information.

  • France

    France on Thursday became the first country to open its official archives on unidentified flying objects (UFO), said Jacques Patenet, the head of the UFO study group at the National Centre of Space Studies (CNES).

    "It's a world first," Patenet said. "It's true that in the United States you can ask for information on a case-by-case basis. But we have done the opposite by putting all the information at the disposition of the public."

    The archives are available at and currently contain 400 files, about one fourth of the approximately 1,600 UFO sightings reported in France since the 1950s.

  • New Zealand

    Over the past 14 months, New Zealand?s UFO Research Network, UFOCUS NZ, has communicated directly with Lt Gen Jerry Mataparae, Chief of Defence Force NZ, on the issue of the release of MOD classified UFO sighting reports and related documents.

    UFOCUS NZ Director, Suzanne Hansen, says that initially, the Chief of Defence stated, ?It would require a substantial amount of collation, research and consultation to identify whether any of that information could be released,? and that he was not in a position to deploy staff to undertake that task, given other work priorities.

    However, the Chief of Defence also voiced his personal perspective on the issue, ?In the longer term, recognizing the ongoing public interest in this topic, I would like to see a summary of information held about UFO sightings produced, in much the same way as that which is produced by the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence. Given the existing constraints, however, I cannot predict when that objective could be achieved.?

    Then in December 2009, following ongoing communications, the Chief of Defence stated in a letter to UFOCUS NZ, ?I am pleased to be able to inform you that two NZDF officers have begun the task of assessing classified files held in relation to this topic with a view to declassification. I would expect that files which are transferred to Archives New Zealand would be subject to extensive embargo periods in terms of access by the general public.?

  • Ukraine

    The Ukrainian Ufologic Club (UFODOS) has released and placed on the Internet ( a national archive of UFO evidences.

    It was complied based on people's evidences about strange flying objects over Ukraine. The 'secret files' comprise about 500 eyewitnesses' testimonies who saw UFO in Ukraine starting from the 17th century. According to UFODOS chief Yaroslav Sochka, the materials were collected from various sources, basically, Hydrometeorological Center of Ukraine Air Force and public ufological organizations. In August 2009, the UK National Archives released new UFO files containing a wide range of UFO-related documents covering the years 1981-1996 and describing more than 800 UFO cases.

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