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Ever since its first launch in 1974, the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) has maintained continuous operations as both a centralized clearinghouse and private investigative agency for reported UFO sightings and alien contacts. Founded by Robert Gribble, the NUFORC has compiled close to 100,000 UFO sighting reports during its entire history. While a vast majority of sightings reportedly occurred in the U.S., some originated in various foreign lands.

Outline of NUFORC's operational activities and assets

From its date of original establishment that preceded this writing by over four decades, NUFORC has operated a 24-hour telephone hotline, by which callers may report current UFO activity in their respective locales. In 2005, NUFORC expanded its report intake capacity by installing a fax machine along with an extra phone line and webmaster. The Center's estimated $500 monthly overhead is reportedly funded almost entirely by Executive Director Peter Davenport.

Besides primary recordkeeping and investigatory functions, NUFORC publishes detailed historical data to assist researchers and other parties who desire such information. In 2011, "Slate" Magazine featured an interactive graph originally produced and published by Davenport that revealed the relative density of reported UFO sightings by geo region.

Prominent organizational patrons of NUFORC

The Stamford, Connecticut local Police Department is one of many law enforcement agencies that utilize NUFORC's resources, despite the fact that every reported event proved to have a perfectly logical explanation. Likewise, local police officials from Lebanon, Missouri and various Arizona municipalities often refer reported UFO sightings to NUFORC, many of which have no forthcoming explanation. Arizona authorities specifically relied on NUFORC following the famous Phoenix Lights UFO Incident, which is one of very few that Davenport publicly endorsed as legitimate.

Summarized breakdown of NUFORC published UFO-related stats

A list of hyperlinks is prominently displayed on the landing page of NUFORC's official website just below the heading "Data Bank" along the left side that include:

Report Database

As its label implies, this reserve contains an archived collection of prior UFO sightings and alien contacts reported to NUFORC. Encompassed data files are searchable by one of four indices that include:

- Date event was reported
- Date event was posted
- State where event reportedly occurred
- Shape of UFO reportedly sighted

Case Highlight List

This collection is a "Director's Pick" of the most noteworthy UFO-related events reported during recent years. An introductory caveat disclaims any deliberate NUFORC endorsement of featured case(s) as special or unique. Rather, highlighted case selections are based solely on the subjective judgment of Director Peter Davenport. Viewers are also advised that Highlighted Case listings are provided to help visitors pare down NUFORC's total collection of 32,000 posted UFO incident reports to those most likely to be of practical value or merit further research. Finally, readers are further advised that many highlighted cases include supplemental documentation, such as multiple corroborating witness reports for the same event.

Case Briefs

Subtitled "Special Articles," the Case Briefs section is a compilation of summarized UFO sightings posted in response to popular demand for specific reports that NUFORC believes are among its most interesting. Like the "Highlighted Cases" section outlined above, all Case Briefs selections reflect nothing but NUFORC executive administration's subjective assessments. A few explicitly cited basic pre-qualifying criteria for prospective case briefs are relative level of potential interest, drama and readily available documentation of legitimacy and authenticity. Finally, many Case Briefs files include supplemental corroboration like law enforcement records or additional eyewitness accounts for the same reported incident.


This subpage is functionally equates to a portal that provides direct access to several destination URLs, each of which features a different high-profile reported UFO sightings by commercial airlines or during jet chases. A remarkable common factor shared by all Interlink reports is an absence of radar tracking device usage. Another notable aspect of NUFORC's Interlink platform is its very small number of files that span a long chronological history from 1947 to 1976.

Historical Reports

Subtitled "Looking Back," this collection is a series of special 'Retrospectives' by founder Bob Gribble that features in-depth examinations of widely differing UFO phenomena reported during the Center's earliest years of operation. Archived Historical Reports date back to late 1886.


Judging by just such glowing introductory comments alone, this resource is Director Pete Davenport's single biggest source of both pride and joy. Featured content includes an hour-long videotaped interview with Davenport that was first broadcast by the popular TV show "Journey." Most substantive subject matter discussed centers on various types of UFO sightings reported via NUFORC's 24-hour hotline.

Moreover, Davenport provides numerous detailed descriptions, graphic images and pre-recorded audiotapes of callers describing their respective UFO reported sightings. Perhaps the biggest prize that lies in store for first-time viewers is an original audio recording of a conversation about a UFO sighting between two pilots and FAA officials. NUFORC reportedly managed to procure that rare tidbit via the federal Freedom of Information Act. The full-length video is offered for sale to the public for $19.95 USD.

Overall nature of outside public opinions of NUFORC

Besides nationwide news media, NUFORC has been the primary discussion topic during popular syndicated radio talk shows, such as "Coast to Coast AM," a paranormal and conspiracy theory platform. NUFORC also recently gained bittersweet publicity from a prestigious source. According to an article featured by London-based newspaper "the Economist" in 2014, expert analyses of Davenport's geo-specific graphic density charts revealed that most UFO-related incident were reported during the same hours when people are most likely to be intoxicated.

Despite that strong inferential debunking, the widely reputed most prominent UFO data compiler in America Mutual UFO Network, has frequently collaborated with NUFORC to analyze and publicize major emergent trends in reported sightings.

Whatever one's personal views about UFO-related phenomena, virtually no valid basis exists to deny the highly valuable nature of various National UFO Reporting Center archives. Freely accessible collections that encompass a broad array of collections afford tremendous flexibility via easy adaptability to any type of multi-disciplinary research project or recreational pastime pursuit.