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First launched in 2011 for the primary stated purpose of facilitating its founding parental government agency's compliance with Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) provisions, The Vault has kept on coming a very long way by quantum leaps and bounds every day. Per official U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) report, its newest brainchild brings in between five and 10 million unique views by new visitors each month. Besides that, based on further FBI loud boast, its latest family addition has played proud host to more than 1 billion virtual guests during its very brief history of less than five years.

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At last known count, The Vault contained very close to 7,000 documents and other media converted to digitized format via meticulous scans done completely by hand. Such enormous diligent efforts were purportedly done to benefit the public, who may peruse desired items without sacrificing privacy or convenience of homes and offices.

The Vault UFO

For those who are either or both UFO fanatic or foe, the FBI's latest online FOIA compliance project offers literal treasure troves with a wealth of valuable resources that brings in droves of incoming daily traffic.

Whichever self-classified title applies,it is highly advised to take a very close look at the following sample tidbit of similar treats that lie inside The Vault.

Hakui UFO Museum

Despite popular but quite contrary belief, intense U.S. governmental interest and active involvement in UFO issues didn't cease or desist one bit when Project Bluebook bit the dust in 1994. Indeed, that very same year marked the start of serious FBI concern over Hakui, Japan's then recently announced plans to build a center for exclusive usage as a UFO research facility.

As probably to expect, widespread speculation, rumors and suspicion soon arose about why the FBI was so worried. The most cited probable cause was a claim that Hakui Museum had somehow managed to obtain a 1950 memo written by then high-level FBI Special Agent Guy Hottel.

That classified document discussed the New Mexico UFO Case with explicit details about U.S. Air Force discovery of dwarf-sized humanoid bodies dressed in fine-textured metallic cloth bandages. It further related how an unnamed informant explained that the crash was caused by spacecraft mechanism interference from very high-frequency government radar equipment in close range.

Thus, given such revelations, there must be good cause for wide publication of FBI reports of a one-page memo that's 65-years of age as "most viewed document in The Vault."

Conclusive observations of abusive unofficial regulations

For this writer, much wild fame the Hottel Memo has recently managed to gain, although first penned so long ago merely goes to prove a far more famous truism, "Where there's smoke, there's gotta be fire." In fact, whether events related therein are true is wholly irrelevant. Mere fact of nondisclosure by numerous lies of omission to deny its known existence speak volumes by itself. After all, why would the government go to such lengths at great public expense with nothing to hide? That question alone can easily consume an entire lifetime with fruitless efforts to learn its truthful answers.

Nevertheless, constant vigilance always proves the ultimate price of continued liberty. Thus, We The People must never give up by deciding to throw up our hands and toss in the towel by putting up with nothing but a sham Hypocrisy of Democracy. Instead, let US citizens stand up and fight together on a single accord to enforce full accountability of alleged "public reps" for every penny spent by knowing where each red cent of our hard-earned tax funds went.

An ideal way to begin waging this never-ending war is by demanding full disclosure of potentially damning evidence against politicians paying for experiments on weird alien beings who look somewhat like us but have the power to annihilate the whole human race with just one blink of slotted holes where our weeping eyes would have been.