Jet Fighter U.S. Air Force Documents on UFO Sightings are Public Records

The U.S. Air Force dropped a bombshell on the world in 2015 when they officially released all their information on UFO sightings in response to Freedom of Information Act requests. The information is known as the Project Blue Book Files (PBBF) and it contains close to 130,000 pages of details on UFO sightings made by Air Force personnel.

Area 51 Area 51 Declassified CIA Documents

Area 51 is one of the most famous focal points of UFO theories. It has been referred to in popular culture numerous times as a place that is associated with crashed alien spacecraft, alien corpses, government conspiracies and many other similar topics. In 2013, a CIA report finally confirmed the existence of Area 51 in a set of declassified documents on the history of OXCART and various U-2 projects.

UFO Crash Roswell UFO Incident

Roswell is the undisputed most popular UFO sighting of all time. No UFO event has received anywhere near the amount of media coverage or investigative effort as the Roswell crash. It has eyewitness testimonies of a UFO, a crash site, wreckage, and aliens. And of course, it has a government claim that the wreckage was from a weather balloon.

UFO Abduction Pascagoula Alien Abduction

There are many cases involving people that claim they were abducted by aliens. The vast majority of these cases lack any real evidence. However, once in awhile you find one that definitely makes you wonder. The secret tape in the Pascagoula alien abductees case makes it one of those interesting ones.