Crop Circles

Crop Circle

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Amazing tales of crop circles created by aliens from firsthand accounts of farmers have shown up from time to time in various high-profile media reports. Such stories prompt heated internal debate for many people.

The two competing thought processes are universal knee-jerk skepticism of all so-called "unexplainable" events, against reflexive diligence to remain objective and open-mindedness that never dismiss any possibility - despite how high its improbability.

Below is a basic outline of an especially intriguing unexplained world mystery that attempts to present both sides for due consideration and careful deliberation.

Do crop circles develop and disappear at will?

Just as the term implies, crop circles are round designs formed by apparently deliberate selective areas of soil and terra forma surfaces being flattened in a circular pattern that was nonexistent during daylight hours of the immediately preceding day. While commonly perceived as an exclusively recent occurrence that emerged in the last 100 years or so, circular crop formations have been documented long before photography existed.

The devil's in the details of crop circle folklore

The best known definitive reproduction of a crop circle was discovered in a woodcut carved in 1678 titled, Strange News out of Hartford-Shire." That artistic rendition depicted a devilish looking creature using a scythe to cut a pattern into a field of crops. Adjacent text recounts an enigmatic sequence of events. It began with a greedy planter who refused to pay a hired mower's reasonable going rate to reap the oats, while swearing that he'd prefer to let the devil do the job. The next morning, the planter awakened and found that all of his crops had been harvested.

However, the task was done in a very peculiar fashion, whereby perfectly symmetrical circles that no ordinary human being could have created during the darkness in just one night. Consequently, the planter became so frightened that he couldn't go to the field to collect his newly harvested crops.

Crop circle schemes are latest variations on long-standing themes

Many cryptology experts have hypothesized that crop circle depictions date back to prehistoric carvings on stone tablets and walls. An oft-cited prototypical case in point is a large stone rock with spiral shaped surface cuts in Newgrange, Ireland. As for extraterrestrial theorists, some reply by citing "reasonable recorded proof" of alien visitors from out of space having cut circular patterns into crops.

Modern-day recorded crop circle incidents seemingly began during early dawn of the 20th-century and gradually rise in gross numerical tally that reached a peak during the 1960s, followed by a huge upswing throughout the 1990s, during which nearly 200 crop circles were documented in its final year of 1999.

Numbers never lie; nor does objective evidence

A relatively large and rapidly growing body of peer-reviewed empirical research is purported to have repeatedly concluded that something far beyond ourselves is responsible for crop circles. While these consistent findings admittedly leave many questions unanswered, the more important constant factor is that there's more intelligence out there than just "us." That dawning realization is theorized to have having profound implications by opening new gateways for mutually beneficial collaboration to resolve common problems and pressing issues. Moreover, Earthly beings would have an unprecedented opportunity to share other technologies that could potentially offer phenomenal benefits beyond current imaginative capacities.

Do crop circles call for closer attention?

Per reliable sources, crop circles and all other similar extraterrestrial-slanted accounts and phenomena are worthy of serious investigation. The stated underlying rationale of that suggestion is that conclusive proof that other intelligences exist with at least comparable levels and quality as Planet Earth inhabitants would be the biggest news story since famous astrologist partners Copernicus and Galileo provided unimpeachable persuasive documentation that Earth wasn't situated in the center of its Solar System. That monumental milestone was reportedly a humbling and entirely new worldview that ultimately led to previously haughty monarchs yielding to democratic governance systems.

This writer's summation of the real deal about vehement debate over whether crop circles are "souvenirs" left behind by extraterrestrial visitors is reducible to the concise piece of advice just below:

"Open mindedness beats empty headedness all day on every day of any given week".