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Visitor Submitted Abduction Experiences - Ted Davenport's Continued Trauma

Name: Ted Davenport
Time: 00:00:00
Details: While getting these MRI scans, I was not put to sleep for, which is how I have found how this implant functions I am 100% positive this device has induced effects into past army neuro doctors while they were operating on me in May 1988 and Feb 1993 that operation paralyzed me.

I want you to read my story sorry the email is so long but I want you to see just how bad my life has been, how its impossible that one man could have such hell in his life. While due to what the ET's have made happen that I am dammed for private doctors will not help me.

While the may 1988 op an army neuro DR was induced to not remove a stainless steel wire lead that was part of a pain stimulator that was placed in my body in March 1981 by a phoenix neuro DR who was made to not look at my cervical spine for if he had he would have found the first act that was caused by the ET's.

I am now stuck in Dallas the pain is so sever I cant even go back home while no one will help end the pain.

Which was after I was hurt on July 5, 1980, while acting to save the life of a 7 year old boy while in the line of duty while in the navy? I am positive they had known I would be hurt on that date sense I was a child when they first came for me. that was the reason the implant was placed into my brain in June 1975.

The foundation they would use was the loss of a dye called PANTOPAQUE after the navy doctors had been fooled into doing a myelogram when one was not safe to do so soon after the left c6 c7 nerves had been ripped from my spinal cord which paralyzed my left arm I was only 22 years old so would start 23 years of hell and pain that any normal man could not take.

They know all about human nature for they had known when the dye leaked from my spinal canal Thu the left c7 nerve root sleeve during the myelogram. I screamed out in sever pain as the civilian x-ray tech was in shock as he had seen the dye leak with the fluoroscope while he knew the danger posed by this dye.

He said nothing while he had also been made to miss the fact the anterior cervical spine had a ruptured disc at the c6 c7 spine, the loss of the dye was used to cause a cyst to form next to my spinal cord on the c7 level of the spinal ligament. Along with scarring my spinal cord a know effect PANTOPAQUE caused.

I was soon having lighting bolt PAIN ATTACKS that came from my cervical spine this forced me to pull my head down as hard as I could to the right to stop the pain. Which was over 200 times per day by March 1981 this pain was caused by the cyst yet the naval doctors had known nothing about what had happen?

this very same thing would happen again in Feb 1993. while my left arm was taken off in DEC 1980 for nothing could be done while the next ET act would be fooling the navy into fusing my left shoulder joint to my left arm/stump. after a naval ortho DR told me if that was done I could use an artificial arm, this op would be the cause of the sever pain I have due to what the Army neuro DR would do to me in Feb 1993.

My left shoulder joint had 7 screws run Thu it plus a metal plate I was in a body cast when I was retired in Feb 1981, when I could never use an artificial arm DUE TO THE FACT MY ARM HAD BEEN PARALYZED WHICH CAUSED THE ATROPHY OF ALL OF THE MUSCLE ON MY STUMP! Which you need muscle to support the artificial limb all this op had done was harm to my body?

By the time I was retired I was in so much pain I could not eat or sleep while the Phoenix, VA did nothing to help me for the ET's were making sure no one would discover the true condition of my cervical spine. I tried to end my life to escape the pain while at my brothers home in Phoenix in March 1981 but all the pills did was knock me out for 72 HR.

To tell you the truth I wish I had died the day I was hurt in 1980 or died in March 1981 for what they would do was steal my life from me along with causing great harm and pain for 23 years. I told you I had seen the Phoenix neuro DR in March 1981 who never looked at my cervical spine.


I am going to get copies of my March 2002 left shoulder x-rays that show the wire lead was moved during the Feb 02 abduction from my Dallas hotel rm. when I saw the wire was now moved up under my left scapula it did not hit me till after Aug 02 mri was jammed by the relocation of the wire lead. my left scapula is so close to my ribs due to what the army neuro DR had done in Feb 93 that a small gage needle can't pass under the scapula.

Yet this wire had been moved this was the very reason why the DR was made to leave the wire in my body and to only fix the top end of the wire with sutures while leaving the lower end free. SO THEY COULD THEN MOVE THE FREE END OF THE WIRE WHILE DOCTORS COULD THINK WELL THE WIRE HAD MOVED ON ITS OWN.

the very fact this wire was not removed with the rest of the stimulator is suspect in itself? my abductions are also years apart they don't come to take sperm they have taken me to make adjustments such as in June 1990. when I lost 16 hr. of time after I was drawn out into the desert to my mining claim at 11 am when my head started to buzz like a robot I got out of my truck then walked about 30 ft and sat down while looking up into the sky I then was turned off.



I would like to tell you more about what has happen all due to these little bastards I only wish I had known sooner the fact that I was being taken and that my bad luck had nothing to do with luck.

But when I left my home in May 00 to try and save what's left of my life for I have lived with so much pain sense 1993 when they or the thing in my head fooled an army neuro DR into the wrong operations in Feb 93.

I became paralyzed from my chest down in 4 weeks after the op was done, they had made the neuro DR think that my pervious army performed bone graft in Aug 88 fused when his pre op test done in DEC 92 Jan 93 found my spinal cord was being compressed by the NONFUSION the bone graft.

Now when this DR was doing the op I am positive that the brain implant works when I am knocked out you can see how bright the mri scan is of the implant that had been done when I was knocked out. Now when I am awake the implant does not glow, so when this DR was affected he goes and removes the c2 to t2 spinal process.

He then would state this was done so I could pull my head down better? When I was pulling my head/neck down due to the sever pain the NONFUSION was causing. so by doing that this placed a kink in my spinal cord he more or less had broken my neck.

So when I was now paralyzed and back in the hosp he then sees his ordered test as they really were! He then freaks out he now steals all of the films along with new films before they were seen by the army x-ray dept. to hide what he had done.

This ass had first seen me on DEC 25, 1992 the pain was so sever in my neck I was going to shoot myself, so his idea to do nothing after 7 days he told me he found nothing wrong just go take it easy. So like a fool I still trusted him while he was thinking I was now going to blow my brains out.

My only arm and hand soon wasted away I had lost my left arm in 1980 after I acted to save a boy from being killed while in the navy my left arm was paralyzed. When the brain implant was placed into my brain in June 1975 it was done so they could change my life for they had known I was going to get hurt.

Their first act was to fool the navy into doing a myelogram when it was not safe to do so soon after the nerves had been ripped from my spinal cord. This was the foundation they would use to cause me to become paralyzed in 1993.

They know all about human nature they knew the civilian x-ray tech would say nothing when he lost a dye called PANTOPAQUE after it had leaked from the spinal canal Thu the left c7 nerve root sleeve. This caused sever pain that made me scream he was in shock when he saw the dye leak while looking Thu a fluoroscope.

He tried to recover the dye but it was all lost THEY wanted this done due to the fact he was made to miss the anterior c6 c7 disc had been ruptured. While the lost dye would produce a cyst next to my spinal cord this would cause me so much pain that I was forced to pull my head down as hard as I could at one point over 200 times per day.

But no one knew what had happen I was retired from the navy in Feb 1981 I was only 22 I came to Phoenix to live with my brother the pain was so bad I could not eat or sleep. While THEY would make sure that NO ONE would discover what was wrong.

The VA did nothing in March 81 I tried to end my life to escape the pain but all the pills did was knock me out of 72 HR, my brother had me see a top Phoenix neuro Dr. but this guy never looked at my cervical spine no x-rays or CATSCANS were done.

The ET's wanted this DR to place a Pain Stimulator into my body for they were now going to use part of this stimulator in Aug 2002! They would make sure that the stainless steel wire lead was kept in my body during my May 1981 abduction.

I had came back home in May 1981 I was then drawn to go back to where I had gone in June 1975 a teenage boy wanted to go backpacking with me. So here I am with my arm gone in pain with an 75 LB pack on my back we went to the same location I am only able to remember setting the camp up.

We were both taken we woke up not in the tent but next to the campfire in our sleeping bags the next morning without any idea what had happen. We did not speak as we hiked back home what I then found that the lighting bolt pain would now stop when I laid down to sleep, but when I woke up and stood up the PAIN ATTACKS started from 80-120 per day.

The ET's had done something to the cyst they had also moved the stimulator wire lead so when it was pulled on it would not move. The VA would never look at my neck or give me the proper pension. I was forced to find a job I could not live on $720.00 per MO from the VA!

I was hired to work at Holloman Air Force base in 1982 as a boiler mechanic when the REGS State you need both arms and hands yet I was hired? I had also been drawn by THEM to start a small Explosives Blasting business I became a top expert in the area of drilling and blasting.

Then in 1984 I was drawn to see Charlie who was a miner as a 10 year old boy I would go with Charlie out to his copper and sliver mine that was north of my parents gas station. Charlie was a great person not many 10 year old boys can say they were shown how to use explosives!

What I did not know was that we were being taken while alone deep in the mountains. many times we had arrived at the mine we would then wake up with missing time.

But Charlie would say hell I guess WE MUST HAVE TAKEN A NAP? These little bastards now wanted me back at the mine for they had known that Charlie would be found dead out at the mine. his 3 grown girls wanted nothing to do with the mine which became my claim they told me that the canyon was EVIL they would not go into the area.

So now when they wanted me I would hop in my truck and drive to the mine in 1985 after my dad had died at age 79 I drove my mother and her girl friend to the mine. NOW BOTH OF THEM TOLD ME THAT THE CANYON FELT VERY EVIL TO THEM, while I of course felt nothing cause most men are not able to sense such things.

Then in March 1988 while on my gov job I was cutting a boiler up in the base hosp boiler room when a huge snap came from my neck. Electric shocks traveled down my neck into my arm and hand I then became ill and threw up. while my arm and hand had become very strong I was able to out work the jerks around me.

I walked the few feet to the ER now they knew how I lost my left arm I told them what had happen, NOW 6 AIR FORCE DOCTORS WOULD SAY THE VERY SAME WORDS OVER THE NEXT 4 WEEKS. THAT I HAD ONLY OVER USED MY ARM TO TAKE IT EASY. you can see how weird this was I kept working in sever pain my neck was killing me while I had not even noticed that by the end of April I had lost over 35% of the muscle on my hand and arm.

my best friend had been the one who saw something was not right I now saw DR seven who tells me its not from over use to go see army neuro Doctors in El Paso. I will never be able to ever work again for the medical care that was supposed to help me would harm me. I was forced to use army medical care for my fed workers comp was filed under the wrong class by the air force.

Which was as an Occupational disease when I had a Traumatic Injury made worse Thu air force med care, they would do the very same thing they would do to the army neuro DR in Feb 93 to the Dallas workers comp caseworker? Who would tell me for 2 years I had not shown how my job caused my injury while I kept telling her what happen the day I was hurt.

I was not paid my credit was destroyed I got to the point I no longer cared they had even sent bill collectors to my hosp rm.! in May 88 an army neuro DR did the first test ever done on my spine which found the posterior cervical disc had ruptured on the c5 c6 spine along with the anterior c6 c7 ruptured disc. he found the cyst next to my spinal cord that was filled with PANTOPAQUE dye which was no longer used due to causing cyst and scarring of the spinal cord which I also had.

So in May 88 the first op was done on the posterior c5 c6 disc so the atrophy would stop for once lost the muscle will not return. I now asked the DR to remove the pain stimulator which had a receiver under my skin then the stainless steel wire lead that ran from the receiver on the lower left side of my ribs to the T1 level of my spine where 2 electrodes were located.


he would not say a word about this in the operation report I am positive this was the work of the brain implant? then in Aug 1988 the second op was done on the anterior cervical spine blown c6 c7 disc. this was an 2 part op first the neuro DR did the disc op then an army ortho DR cut a slot in the C7 spine body, this was done so the neuro DR could reach the spinal cord ligament the cyst was attached to.

Once that was done the ortho DR took bone from my hip to fuse the c7 spine to c6 above and T1 below, I WAS NOW PAIN FREE GOD I WAS SO HAPPY! What I did not know was They were going to use the cyst so this op was done while in March 1989 the army neuro DR did a third op on my spine to open the nerve passages for my right arm and hand.

Then in June 1990 I was drawn out to the mine it was 11 am when I arrived at the mine once their I asked myself WHY DID I COME OUT HERE? Then like a robot I got out of the truck I walked about 30 ft then sat down while looking up into the sky, but I was not able to focus my eyes when I lost time.

The next thing I knew I am now next to my truck when they turned me back on I yelled or screamed as I tried to get my bearings as I moved my head side to side as it was now pitch black as I jumped into my truck.

I now saw its 3 am I had lost 16 HR of time I was driving to fast I about wrecked my truck in the creek bed when this voice told me that I am safe and OK to slow down I then saw a green fire ball that made an 90 degree turn and streaked out of sight to the north. now it only takes about 35 min to get home in that time frame what had happen was now gone from mind till after May 00.

Now when I arrived home my Mom was very worried as I use explosives but when she asked me where had I been I made a weird face and said OH I TOOK A NAP AT THE CLAIM. I sure as hell did not lay in the dirt for 16 HR I was not sun burnt or even dirty but when I was taking my work boots off I found they were on the wrong feet.

what they had done during the abduction THEY HAD BROKEN THE BONE GRAFT FREE FROM THE FUSION, I was also shown 3 girls who were hybrids I can only think they were made with my sperm. one was about 15 she could be from the 1975 abduction the next was about 9 she could be from the 1981 abduction while the third child was about 7 or 8 I am not sure she could be from 1983 when I lost time after being out in the desert.

I was shown these children by the short ET that has a robe over its head its very short while I am only able to remember 4 fingers while having my head touched.

I had a new girl friend about 2 weeks after the missing time she was a pilot for an air freight CO that carried UPS next day back to El Paso from Alamogordo 5 days per week. So she had from 8:30 am to 5:30 PM as layover time so she could hang out with me she had over 10,000 HR of flying time.

out of the blue I asked if she wanted to see the mine so off we went at around 10:30 am we drove into the canyon she then freaks out she closed her window then locked her door she then screams at me to get her THE HELL OUT OF HERE THIS PLACE IS EVIL! just for a second I was scared too but did not know why I turned around and drove away. after a few minutes she was OK but I had never seen anyone so scared in my life.

I now know THEY were going to take us once I drove to the mine out of sight deep inside of the canyon she must have sensed them hell who knows they could have been feet away with us unable to see them. THE REASON WHY I WAS NEVER TAKEN FROM HOME IS DUE TO THE AIR BASE THAT'S ONLY A FEW MILES AWAY.

I would find in the FLIERS FILES.COM in 01 that the night I was taken in June 1975 a UFO was seen right where I was camping that jets from the base were sent up after it. So instead of having me hiking into the mountains I would now drive to the mine as I have told you.

I would not notice this till a few MO ago that the EVIL CANYON IS VOID OF ALL ANIMAL AND INSECT LIFE WITH FLOWING WATER CLOSE TO YEAR ROUND YET NOTHING GOES THEIR! while I once found a dead calf that had to have been dropped from the air for it was impaled into a salt cedar tree that was in a huge ditch. they had dropped it in the middle of the ditch no way could it have fallen off the top of the ditch.

But I never saw one bug or one snake even the open range cattle will not go into that canyon! My neck was causing increased pain then in 1990 my workers comp claim was denied and sent on to Wash, DC office. who saw right away what had happen that it was easy to see what had happen they then told the Dallas office to pay me and for med care.

Well, the ET's were not going to let anyone discover the NONFUSION of my spine, I saw an El Paso neuro DR who ran an EMG test that found my ulnar nerve was in bad shape from doing heavy work with one arm. He also found carpal tunnel injury the test had found my cervical spine was injured this was the NONFUSION of the bone graft.

So he calls the Dallas workers comp to get the OK to do the two OPS which was the moving of the ulnar nerve, when he tells the case worker what he wants to do SHE TELLS HIM NO! THAT I, Am BEING PAID FOR MY NECK AND NOT MY ARM! NOW SHE WAS ALSO THE ONE WHO SAID I HAD NOT SHOWN MY JOB HAD CAUSED MY INJURY.

This was done so I would be paralyzed while I was forced to ask the ALBQ, VA for help I told this dumb ass VA DR the ulnar nerve was to be relocated. He does not do this he only took the pressure off while making a very nasty looking scar to show how bad a DR he was! WITH ZERO FOLLOW UP THUS MISSING THE BONE GRAFT.

In DEC 91 the army had x-rays of my cervical spine done yet nothing was said as the pain was getting worse. Then in DEC 92 a county hosp residents placed electrodes into my anterior cervical spine to try the stimulator for 5 days while they knew nothing about my neck. the open wounds would cause the super sever DEC 25 pain after they were removed on DEC 24.

I was going to marry CHARL the pilot we had just gone snow skiing the week before the stimulator was tried, but when I woke up on DEC 25 I had never had this level of pain ever while I had never used any pain meds but for post op pain.

No normal person could go Thu the hell my life has become then after the ass paralyzed me I came back in April 93 I was not able to urinate which was due to a drug reaction that CHARL would discover. But I was back in the army hosp now this neuro DR tells me THAT I HAVE LYME DISEASE! THIS WAS TOTAL BULLSHIT THIS WAS A FALSE POSITIVE TEST WHICH HE USED TO WASTE TIME WHILE HE PRAYED I WOULD END MY LIFE IF HE DID NOTHING.

I never saw this ass again I was moved to a new ward they were wanting to cut the muscle out of my bladder when CHARL checked the drugs I was on and found the cause was due to two drugs. I was getting worse off the longer my spinal cord was compressed I was seen by a TDY neuro DR for mine was away on TDY orders while this fellow good OLE boy was going to cover up what had happen?

he made sure I was not given enough pain meds so the mri was not very good for I could not lay still due to sever pain caused by the compressed spinal cord. by the taking of all of my past mri films placed the mri techs in the dark. the ass who hurt me remembered that in Jan 93 the mri test he had done was not very good due to sever pain had kept me from being still.

He did this in March 93 so the mri lab in one test thought the bone graft was a ruptured disc! When their was not a disc to be ruptured in that area! now in May this new ass tells my girl friend and I that I am now going to die soon! That scar tissue was attaching the spinal cord to the spinal canal.

that I needed to get my business in order along with a burial plan this was total bullshit he was painting the worst picture possible so I would end my life rather than being on life support which he told me I would need in a matter of months. by that time my hand was skin and bone and claw like, but when my sisters and CHARL wanted to talk to my medical doctors none would meet with them for they were staying out of it.

then I knew inside that ass had hurt me while this DR was making things sound so bad that I would kill myself I became very pissed off! they were going to send me to a nursing home to die hell I could not go home for the bathroom was upstairs! something made me tell them to send me to WALTER REED ARMY HOSP this now gave them a way out for the DR who helped do the fusion the neuro DR was station at Walter Reed so his ass was on the line too.

the chief of the Walter Reed neuro was now going to cover up what had happen I was sent to Walter Reed WITHOUT MY MEDICAL RECORDS OR ANY FILMS. this chief now made up a fake medical history and a new med records while he would state that I had a long history of SPINAL STENOSIS while leaving out the Feb 93 op that paralyzed me. so he made it look like they were trying to correct this problem when they had been the cause of it along with THE DAMN ET's!

While the only place you can find Spinal STENOSIS is in the Jan 93 pre op mri test while not one word was ever said about this till I was sent to Walter Reed. nothing was said about LYME DISEASE or that I WAS GOING TO DIE FOR IT WAS ALL BULLSHIT!


I was placed in a halo with 4 screws into my skull I then saw the first neuro DR but when he saw how bad I was he turned away without saying a word to me. He was not going to rock the boat but keep his mouth shut for he did not want to get the neuro Dr.

My legs came back but my hand lost over 75% of its muscle mass I am now only able to sign my name if I try to write long hand its impossible to read my hand writing. When my hand becomes cold I am not able to use it I am 45 now what happens if I live to become 55 or 65?

What I did not know was that the halo had not been adjusted for my left shoulder while I was forced to drive my truck while in the halo back in New Mexico. I was then forced to take the halo off after 90 days the 4 open wounds were so badly infected that the halo was moving on my head.

That was due to the air force doctors who only cleaned the open wounds once every 4 days when its supposed to be done twice per day. So when the halo came off a new pain started in my left shoulder the very worst pain of my life! due to that ass had killed the muscle between my scapula and ribs I bent and have broken the screws in my neck from fighting this pain.

I don't know how I have gone 10 years in such pain while forced to take over 50,000 pain pills the air force did nothing other than pills as I was seen as an army problem no way would I go back to that damn army hosp. but in Jan 96 I was forced back to the army I was only back 2 weeks when the DR who paralyzed would start calling my DR's for the next 4 years while nothing was done to stop the pain.

This DR was calling to make sure I was not sent back to Walter Reed for he has feared being found out but my medical records were retired in 93 what I had forgotten was CHARL who left me in June 93 had gotten copies of my medical records.

I about died in 99 when my potassium level dropped to 1.0 the army did nothing to learn why this had happen, the pain meds had stopped my brain from sending the signal for the making of Testosterone I was having terrible hot flashes body sweats I kept telling the army pain DR who did nothing.

I had tried seeing doctors in ALBQ but they blew me off as being a train wreck so I knew if I did not leave I would never have my life back. the pain has made it impossible to have a life or even a girl friend, so I came to Dallas in May 00 my two sisters live here so I then sent a letter to Ross Perot he came to see me and did try and help me bless his heart.

But hell I could not even tell DR's the truth I tried it twice no way were they going to touch me while the Dallas, VA has done nothing. I now must drive to the VA Monday-Fri each week to get 150 mg Demerol shots I about died in Feb 03 due to blood clots had formed in my legs due to fluid caused by hormones which the VA did nothing about.

When the clots passed Thu my heart in Feb the private hosp I was in told me they had never seen anyone who was still alive with the amount of blood clots in had in both lungs and both legs. Then back in Feb 03 CHARL found my medical records and sent them to me I then have found the proof I need to burn this army Dr.

So I am now going to be seen by army doctors soon while the army inspector general is going to help me they owe me a lot for what their boy has done to my body and my life. Of course I cant say anything about the ET abductions to the army but one day I am going to face the army DR and tell him I know what happen.

I sent my mri films to Darrell SIMS back in March 02 he has not done anything but when he had the films he sent an email saying HE SAW NOTHING? SO I HAD TO SEND HIM An EMAIL WITH A PIC OF THE MRI HE THEN SAW THE IMPLANT, ONCE AGAIN THE VERY SAME EFFECT FOR HE HAS BEEN TAKEN TOO WHILE IN THE ARMY AT WHITE SANDS WHICH IS WHERE I LIVE IN NM.

What is bad that some of the abduction researchers are at odds with other researchers I am going to write DR John Mack to see if he will help me I want to be regressed so I can learn as much as I can. but you see my type of abduction is far from the standard type?

But I want to tell you that the last abduction back in Feb 02 they showed me terrible things on a TV like screen I am positive I was being shown future events that are going to happen. I have a very strong feeling that they had caused the terrible medical care as part of a two part plan.

I pray to God that soon the pain will end for I told you how I was overdosed with testosterone while in the Dallas nursing home after the ulnar nerve was moved in Nov 00. I know the overdosed was caused by THEM to show me that the pain can stop for it did for 34 days out of 36 to not give up.

I am going to start a business once the pain has stopped I have a system in which underground shelters can be built at low cost I plan to do this for the sake of my nephews and nieces who are only babies for I fear for them. My sister is going to marry a very rich man soon who owns a large building Co. maybe that is part of the plan?

But with the 2012 date and the last pope at 110 being the end has really made me think if this terrible event is going to take place then what has happen to my body and my life was to help other people have a chance at living.

I think that is the reason I started a drilling and blasting business so I can blast the rock so I can place the units into the ground, I have also found a new type of generator that does not need to burn fuel to produce electricity. a new type of motor has been built that uses magnets what this does is give an 5-1 advantage so all the electric motor needs to turn the 30 kW generator are 2 large semi truck sized 12 volt batteries.

The batteries power the motor while the generator keeps the batteries charged the plan of this Co. is for each home to have their own system which provides free power for the home while the extra electricity is then sold back thru the power lines to the power Co. so they would become a very large power CO producing clean power.

Well, I am sorry this email is so long I hope you don't think I am some crazy one armed man? I am not crying in my beer so to speak I only wanted you to see how much hell my life has been sense 1980.

I have very bad feelings that we are going to see very terrible things take place will a large part of the worlds population being killed off.

While I plan to start my shelter business as soon as my left shoulder is fixed while I am going to file a TORT CLAIMS against the army along with the VA and the Air Force I pray to God that I can go after the Dallas fed workers comp too! For I have not been paid sense 1995 I wrote my senator from New Mexico in 1999 his office did shit.

The Dallas fed workers comp told him that I had not returned forms they had sent in 1995 this was when my Mom had died while I was in such terrible pain I no longer gave a damn about playing these games. So I sent the forms back to them in March 02 I HAVE NOT HEARD ONE DAMN WORD FROM THEM WHILE THEY OWE ME OVER 100,000.00 DOLLARS! WHILE THEY HAVE NOT PAID ONE DIME FOR MY MEDICAL CARE AFTER 5 SPINE OPS AND 3 ARMS OPS.

So I am going to see if I can file a claim against them for they forced me into using army med care then after they had been told to pay me and for med care in 1990-91 I was screwed again when the private neuro DR was not allowed to help me.


But see how everyone was kept away from learning the condition of my cervical spine from 1980 to Feb 1993 then I have been turned into such a wreck that private doctors will not touch me. Plus I now must drive to the Dallas, VA 5 days per week to get Demerol shots, while nothing has been done to help stop this pain.



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